A Market Problem Requires A Market Solution

Data continues to suggest that consumers and clinicians are skeptical when it comes to mHealth app adoption and use. According to many, that skepticism can be traced to two issues—trust and value. Users today still do not exhibit a level of confidence in an mHealth app’s ability to help them manage a condition or achieve a desired health outcome without the risk of compromising their personal information. These issues can be traced to a lack of authoritative guidance and transparency along with a lack of reliable, easy to access and understandable information. Their resolution will help consumers and clinicians determine which apps are best for their particular situation. But simply publishing guidelines or standards that can be used to evaluate an app is not enough.

We call Xcertia’s approach to this problem “Four Steps, Four Players”. This approach has been embraced by our founding organizations. American Medical Association, the American Heart Association, HIMSS, DHX Group and a growing membership.

Our approach to driving market adoption and use focuses on four critical steps— Confirmation, Education, Integration and Validation—and the involvement of four key players, Consumers, App Developers, Clinicians, and Payers.

Here is a high-level look at our approach.

Confirmation- Step one- under the leadership of the Xcertia Founding Members and Board, we are working with Developers, Payers, and Clinicians to confirm their support for the implementation of guidelines or standards that will ultimately improve the adoption and use of mHealth apps. Without that level of support a fundamental shift in app usage is unlikely.

Education- While that support is key, making app adoption a reality requires an educational component before integration can happen. Why should we fold these guidelines into our business thinking and practices? How do we do it? What tangible benefits will we realize?

Integration- How do we tie all the pieces together in a seamless way that opens the doors to increased adoption and use. Part education and part rolling up the shirt sleeves and making it happen.

Validation- Last but not least, the mHealth industry will need to help its constituents make good decisions on which mHealth apps are best for their health-related needs. Establishing a more formalized process that aids and supports those decision-making efforts is critical to increased adoption and use of mHealth apps.

Our collective challenge, being led by Xcertia and its key members, is not unique to any one player in the mHealth space. We think that the market needs to act in concert to achieve results. We invite all of you to join us on our journey to solve this market problem by visiting us at www.xcertia.org.

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