Bridging the App Gap.. The Need to Build Market Momentum

While the number of mHealth apps continues to grow, so does uncertainty around which apps are best suited for one’s particular needs and situation.  On going market data continues to show both clinician and consumer skepticism about the use and potential value of mHealth apps.   This phenomena in turn is holding back the true potential of these applications to improve health outcomes and promote positive health behaviors.

Xcertia believes that apps must demonstrate two key characteristics, trust and value, before adoption and use will occur with clinicians and consumers at scale. To help in establishing those key elements, Xcertia will release it’s revised Xcertia Guidelines for mHealth Apps at the Connected Health Conference 2018 in Boston.  The updated guidelines reflect the efforts of a diverse collection of work groups who are operating to ensure the guidelines reflect the latest thinking and best practices in the areas of privacy, security, operability and content.

The updated Xcertia Guidelines alone will not change clinician and consumer perceptions and use of mHealth apps.  Collectively we, as industry  stakeholders and market leaders must collaborate to find ways to easily and effectively assimilate the guidelines into current treatment protocols and care decision models otherwise their widespread use and value will remain low.  The publication and dissemination of the Xcertia Guidelines is the first step in bridging the gap between today’s hesitancy and tomorrow’s embracing of mHealth apps.  As an industry we must find ways to move the guidelines to wide-spread awareness, endorsement, and ultimately to some form of certification or labeling making it easy for clinicians and consumers to  identify apps that deliver on both the dimensions of trust and value.  While Xcertia is leading this effort, the complexity of the situation will require a number of stakeholders to collaborate if we are to truly bridge the app gap.

To that end, we invite you to share your perspective, time and talent in helping mHealth apps realize their true market potential.

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